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Kaimata Retreat, New Zealand

24 March 2014

To whom it may concern:
Kaimata Retreat is a boutique luxury lodge on the Otago Peninsula. We are pleased to offer our guest's chef prepared food services over our summer seasons October to April. Guests enjoycontinental and farmhouse breakfast and an evening 3-course dinner with canapé. This is a great opportunity for a chef to showcase their food talents and services to our adventurous and discerning international guests.
Pedro Torres has been employed as our Head Chef during our summer seasons October 2012 - April 2013 and November 2013 - April 2014. As a Head Chef, Pedro is responsible for overal kitchen management ensuring all matters related fo food, beverages and food service are of an exceptional standar on a day to day basis. This includes effective cost controls and food waste minimisation.
Pedro has been a professional addition to our team. He is thoughtful and creative in menu development, he is attentive to our guests needs, he consistenly mantains a high standar of service and personal presentation, he is reliable and honest . Please visit Kaimata Retreat on to view guest comments.
An important element of our guests experience is the opportunity to sample regional produce. During the winter of 2013, Kaimata Retreat with Pedro Torres entered New Zealand Monteith's Wild Food Competition with our ocean sourced entry "Deep Southern Paella". We were delighted to make it to the Finals, travelling to Auckland for the national cook off.
Best Regards
Rachel Duell & Kyle Davidson
Ph: +64 3 456 3443
297 Cape Saunders Road, RD2 Portobello
Otago Peninsula, Dunedin

Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant, New Zealand

Waiheke Island, 17/01/2012

Pedro Torres  was employed as a senior Chef at Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant.
His responsibilities was preparing of seafood and meat dishes for both, the hot and cold section of the kitchen. Other duties include, receiving goods, storage and stock control.

Mr Torres familiarised himself very quickly with all aspects of our busy kitchen. He is a valuable and hard working employee.

I got to know Mr. Torres as a friendly, reliable and knowledgeable person and he is well liked by his colleagues.

It was a pleasure to had Mr torres on my Kitchen Team.

Please feel free to contact me for a verval reference

Kind Regards
Marco Edwardes
Head Chef
Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant
Ph: 09 372 7191
Waiheke Island


Guests References
"Great dining at Kaimata,

Pedro's superb and creative cooking with delicate flavours and great presentation all served in a friendly atmosphere made our last few days stay in New Zealand truly memorable.

Thank you!"

John and Pam johnson-cook



​" We also want to take Pedro back to Tasmania - He is the best-"

Mandi & Charlie,

Tasmania AU


​"... Pedros meals was outstanding!..."

Jim  & Margaret Brumfield,​

Texas USA


"...Then the lovely Pedro, our private chef, arrived and proceeded to produce a divine meal. Next morning we woke to the smell of fresh coffee, table beautifully laid, the log fire crackling merrily in the grate and Pedro in the kitchen preparing breakfast. It was truly like being in a Hollywood movie."

Northampton, England


(via Trip Advisor)

"Pedro, the chef was excellent with wonderful local dishes such us fish and lamb."

Castle Rock, Colorado, USA


(via Trip Advisor)

"...Gorgeous food prepared by Pedro..."

Elainer + Alan Berrergton,

NothWood UK


"Unfortunately we could only stay three days in Kaimata, but during this time we enjoyed the delicious meals of Pedro very much. He is just able to create wonderful dishes out of simple ingredients - just amazing!

Thank you!"

Daniel & Marianne


"...Pedro's Wonderful food and friendliness..." 

Val+Alan Monk,

Brentwood UK


"Thanks Pedro for the wonderful Food"

Shani Vander,

Melbourne, AU


"Magnificent Food. Pedro is an excellent Chef, Cooking local Produce a very high standard, Simply the best..."

William + Sheila Jackson, Northamidton, UK


"As good as his cooking!

We were at Kaimata on February and had the wonderful surprise to have this very kind and excellent chef. His food was as great as the Otago Peninsula's landscapes. Go on Pedro!!!

Thank you!"

Corine Lodey


"...I had a chance to try Pedro's work and his professional attitude and passion for cooking makes you feel hungry not only for food but for life too!... "



"Pedro was our personal chef while staying at the Kaimata Retreat in Dunedin. We had the privilege of having him cook for us for two days and they were truly the best meals we had during our entire stay in NZ. Pedro was creative and very sensitive to our dietary restrictions. He was friendly and charming which added to our dinning experience. He was happy to answer any questions about his food and his passion was endless. It was such a treat to have met Pedro and experienced his food.

Thanks you"

Courtney Jentzen


"...Outstanding food from the fabulous chef Pedro..."

Mary + Mike Farias,

Naperville IL USA


"Thank you Pedro for great dinning"

Sam Hay,


" the personal chef (Pedro, from Chile) was 5 star quality"

Roxie B
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

(via TripAvisor)

​"...Pedro's Culinary Perfection..."

Kristine & John
Palo Alto, CA, USA

"NZ master-chef for us especially: pedro"

Peggy V
Franz' Jozef, NZ

(via TripAvisor)

​"...Excellent food from the Chef Pedro..."
Thomas & Jacquelin

"...both nights enjoyed the wonderful dinner Pedro prepared for us. Really nice and different combinations with fresh ingredients from the area"

Liz T
Doha, Qatar


(Via TripAdvisor)

"...Pedro, outstanding Chef..."

Bill & Jacke,
Illinois, USA

​"...Pedro's food was Incredible..."

Wanyi & Daniel,



"Outstanding breakfast and exquisite dinners by Pedro"

Droli B
Interlaken, Switzerland

(via TripAdvisor)

"...In the evening, we had our own chef Pedro. He cooked like a hero delicious dinners and was a little bit our host... He knew a lot of interesting things about the region."

Daniel Kneubuehl
Bern, Switzerland

(via TripAvisor)


"...Pedro Torres crafts gourmet meals from seasonal ingredients grown on the property, or sourced from wild-food providers. The menu he prepared for me (and the amiable American couple whose stay I gatecrashed) included venison hunted by lodge owner Kyle Davidson, wild Pacific salmon, free-range beef, and vegetables plucked earlier in the day from the garden. 


- Down South New Zealand - Taste & Travel Magazine, Canada/US

"Pedro, the very talented Chilean chef cooks dinner (often what the owner has hunted or caught from land or sea) with effortless ease in the open plan kitchen"

Notts Girlsontour
Nottingham, England
(Via TripAdvisor)

​"...Pedro's Wonderful food..."

Ellen & Steve,
Washington DC, USA

"Imagine sitting for an accomplished chef's (Pedro's) personally prepared for you dinner in a house on a hill with a view of water, where seals play, sheep grazing hillside in the near distance...."

Virginia C
Te Anau, New Zealand

(Via TripAdvisor)

"...Great Food, Thanks Pedro..."

Patrick and Norma

"...Best Host, great Food, LOVED IT..."​

Dave & Dorte

"...The food was delicious and our private chef Pedro was amazing (we also wanted to take him home to Mudgee with us). He is so talented, he lets the local produce speak for itself and combines flavours to ensure it shines as the centrepiece of the meal. "

Julia C
Mudgee, Australia


"...Breakfast and dinner cooked by your personal chef when you stay here. Pedro, the chef, needs to be on Top Chef! All the ingredients are from the region and his cooking was stellar. We had some of our favorite meals at Kaimata and wish we could take Pedro back to cook for us in Brooklyn!"

Paul V

Brooklyn, New York, USA



"...Pedro, your food is so tasty and delicious..."

Julia & Russell
NSW, Australia

"...Pedro's food was beautiful, delicious, satisfying and inspiring! His passion for the best is off the charts. We told him we felt like we were staying at an Aman resort!... "

Jill Faber & Gary Suttle
Arizona, USA

And then the food, Pedro created some wonderful dishes, all with a wine match in the evening, and leisurely enjoyed, no need to rush.



Auckland Region, New Zealand

Sal Salis


the food (other than breakfast - see note below!) was wonderful. Pedro accommodated our vegetarian requirements, and he also prepared a lovely cake for hubby's birthday, which was very much a surprise, but very welcome indeed





Perth, Australia

Sal Salis


For us, the food was a highlight. There are 2 chefs at Sal Salis (one is Chilean and the other is Malaysian). During our stay, we had the Chilean chef Pedro. His food was excellent. Lunch was a 2 course meal with 3 courses being served for dinner at night (plus generous canapes before dinner). Breakfast was a basic spread of cereals and pastries one morning, with a hot breakfast being served on another morning. The food was restaurant quality, really delicious and well presented.




Sydney, Australia

Sal Salis


Fenice Restaurant, New Zealand


To Whom it may concern.
Pedro Torres was employed at Fenice Restaurant in the capacity of Sous Chef, with a brigade of 6 chefs
Fenice is a small Italian Restaurant owned by Mudbrick Vineyard and Restaurant.

​Pedro's role as a Sous Chef is extremely varied, running the kitchen in my absence, liaising with FOH, and keeping a close eye on food and staff costs.
I canattest to the fact that Pedro is a conscientious and trustworthy chef, capable of performing to the highest standards whilst working under pressure, and also having to make on the spot decisions to assist the smooth operationof this busy restaurant.
Pedro's creativity, sheer discipline, coupled with a dedicated and focused approach to his work, is unsurpassed by any other team member.

I wholeheartedly have no hesitation in recommending Pedro to a future employer.

Should any more information be required, please do not hesitate to call.

Yours sincerely
Andreas Lindberg
Executive Chef
Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant Ltd
Fenice Restaurant
Ph 09 372 9050
PO Box 130
126 Church Bay Road
Oneroa, Waiheke Island


Viola, Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar, New Zealand

Waiheke Island, 10th Nov 2011

To Whom it may concern.
Pedro Torres was employed at Viola Restaurant & Wine Bar, Waiheke Island as Head Chef.
Pedro demostrated an outstanding ability to ascertain and employ the neccessary skill to  take charge of a busy kitchen.  His duties included ordening, stocktaking, employee rosters, menu design and implementation, health and safety practice as well as the management of kitchen staff.
Without Pedro, Viola would not have been the popular restaurant in proved to be.  Pedro would often take it upon himself to work beyond his required duties and I believe this to be a very rare quality. His enthusiasm and good humour made him popular with his colleagues. His punctualy, honesty and intuitive manner was the cornerstone for a trusting relationship between Pedro and Myself.

I Wish Pedro all the best for his future.  I have no doubt he will succeed at whatever he chooses to attend to.

​Please do not hestitate to contact me should you require a verbal confirmation of this reference.

With Regards
Rochelle Gallagher
Waiheke Island, Auckland

Lodge Andino, El Ingenio, Chile

El Ingenio, 20  Feb 2011
Translation from Spanish
(originals here)

By way of this letter, I certify that the EMPRESA DE TURISMO AVENTURA EL INGENIO LIMITADA Company, with LODGE ANDINO, EL INGENIO as its trading name, Located Avenida Manquehue Sur 1431, Las Condes and R.U.T. (I.R.D. No) 77.872.280-1, employed  Mr Pedro Torres between October 2009 and August 2010.

Pedro was hires to the position of Head-Chef in our tourism company asn was a permanent member of our work team. During this time, he was a very committed and focused worker regarding his tasks, developing and contributing stock control systems, and restaurant administration. He knew how to develop in the tourism industry together with excellent gastronomy, delighting our clients with his culinary preparations and his pleasant company.

Pedro worked as a Head-Chef for various conventions, dinners and events in our private restaurant, "Canto del Agua" as well as for outdoors activities in the Andes Mountain, delivering with us first class catering services for horse treks and expeditions. He knew how to solve various problems, always minding service and paying attention to our guests and thereby demostrationg his leadership and professionalism.
In the course of his year spent working with us, Pedro proved to be one of the best chefs our company has ever employed.

As the owner and manageress of the company, I can assure you that working with Mr. Pedro Torres will be a real asset for any company related to this field of activity.

Your sincerely,
Magdalena Frugone Donoso
Owner and Manageress,
Ph: +56 22 861 3176
       +56 9 777 575 23
Lodge Andino, El Ingenio
Guests References

"...At Lodge Andino El Ingenio (Chile), I was a guest and Pedro was my chef. His creations were delicious, beautifully presented demonstrating artful creativity, definitely want him to titillate my taste buds again one day, and he was delightful company as well explaining his menus, discussing cooking techniques, even teaching me how to make caper blossoms which was an added bonus. If you have an opportunity to sample Pedro's world class creations, please take full advantage of it. You will be glad you did... "

Denise Hecht
Georgia, USA

"...the chef, Pedro prepares all his meals with a flair that is a delightful surprise. You will never be hungry nor will your palate be bored plus the freshly made beverages again are very special as





(via TripAdvisor)

"...Pedro's cooking was seriously good - some of the best I've had in South America. Original, delicious and beautifully presented.



(via TripAdvisor)

"...The chef, Pedro, prepares meals that are lovely to look at and delicious to taste using only the finest organic ingredients... "

Tampa, Florida, USA


(Via TripAdvisor)

La Cuisine D'Alain, France

Montauban, 13th Oct 2007
Translation from French
(originals here)
I, the undersigned, BLANC Nicole, Manageress of the "LA CUISINE D' ALAIN" company, 29 rue R. Salengro in 82000 MONTAUBAN, FRANCE.
Taking in for a Cooking intership for the University INACAP, Mr Pedro Torres, between 14th April 2007 and 13th October 2007. During those six months, Mr Pedro Torres integrated perfectly into the company a part of this internship organised by INACAP
​Mrs BLANC Nicole
Ph: +33 5 63 66 06 66
29-31 av. Roger Salengro, Montauban 
Toulouse, FRANCE

Hotel del Lago, Pucon, Chile

By Pablo Galvez
Member of the Chilean Chapter of Les Toques Blanches 
Santiago, 16 Feb 2011
Translation from Spanish 
(Originals here)

I certify knowing mister Pedro Torres, given that I had the opportunity to work with him in 2005. On this occasion, he held the position of Chef the Partie during the winter season. He turned out to be a professional with great ambitions.He is the type of person who enjoys our career, contributing other perspectives from an artistic point of view, he is responsible, comitted and exacting. On the said date he joined the staff of the kitchen team at the Hotel del Lago Resort y Casino, located in Pucon IXth region of Chile.
In my capacity as Head Chef, I can assure you that working with Pedro is an asset.
Your sincerely,
Pablo Andres Galvez Ramirez
Head Chef of  "Da Carla Restaurant"
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