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Ich bin Pedro, geboren und aufgewachsen in Südamerika, Chile. Zur Zeit bin ich in Deutschland stationiert. Außer meiner Leidenschaft für das Kochen macht mich mein großer Sinn für Humor zu einem liebenswürdigen Menschen. Mein auf Reisen gesammelter großer Erfahrungsschatz veranlasst mich dazu, auf neue Aufgaben motiviert und ohne Zögern zuzugehen.


Nach vier Jahren des Studiums an einer der renommiertesten Universitäten Chiles trat ich meine erste wichtige Stelle als Koch an und zwar in einem klassischen Restaurant in Frankreich. Danach habe ich als Küchenchef in der exklusiven Lodge Andino in den chilenischen Anden gearbeitet und einige Jahre später als Koch im Te Whau Weingut in Neuseeland, eines der angesehensten Restraurants des Landes. Im Sal Salis Restaruant an der australischen Küste bestand meine Aufgabe darin, den Gästen ein Menü unter freiem Himmel zu servieren, das trotz der "Outdoor-Atmosphäre" nichts an Luxuriösität einzubüßen hatte. Meine Arbeit als Privater Koch und Küchenchef im exklusiven und luxuriösen Kaimata Retreat in Neuseeland würde ich als meinen bisher größten Erfolg bezeichnen.


Heute halte ich weiter Ausschau nach spannenden Erfahrungen in der Gastronomie und erweitere außerdem mein Wissen und Können in den Bereichen der Fotographie und des Food Styling.




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 "...He is thoughtful and CREATIVE IN MENU development,

he is attentive to our guests needs, he consistenly mantains a high standar of service and personal presentation, he is reliable and honest..."


Rachel Duell Owner of  Kaimata Retreat

"...We had the privilege

of having him cook for us

for two days and they were truly 


we had during

our entire stay in NZ.

Pedro was creative and very sensitive to our dietary restrictions.

He was friendly and charming which added to our dinning experience.

He was happy to answer

any questions about

his food and his passion was endless.

It was such a treat to have met him and experienced his food..."


- Courtney Jentzen, New York, USA @ Kaimata Retreat


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presented appetizer is from Chef Pedro Torres, private chef at Kaimata Retreat. 

- Down South New Zealand - Taste & Travel Magazine, Canada/US


"...The venison cooked by Pedro is tender and delicate.

The main course, a black rice seafood paella, features the mussels

and cockles that he peeled off a shipwreck that afternoon..."


- A Walk on the wild side - Sunday Star Times Escape, New Zealand

"...He is a valuable and hard working employee..."  


- Marco Edwardes. Head Chef, Te Whau Vineyard & Restaurant

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Pedro demostrated an outstanding ability to ascertain and employ the neccessary skill to  take charge of a busy kitchen. 

Without Pedro, Viola would not have

been the popular restaurant in proved to be. Pedro would often take it upon himself to work beyond his required duties and  I believe this to be a very rare quality. His enthusiasm and good humour 

made him popular with his colleagues.

His punctualy, honesty and intuitive manner was the cornerstone for a trusting relationship between Pedro and Myself.


- Rochelle Gallagher, Owner Viola Restaurant

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With over ten years of national and international experience in gastronomy and tourism I developed important skills. My vocation for hospitality helps me to always treat my guests with the greatest service.

I am dedicated and independent, creative and being proactive. My great work ethic helps me to always pay extra attention to detail. Even though I enjoy teamwork, I am also able to work independently. I enjoy sharing my experiences and life stories with both guests and co-workers. People usually describe me as a social person with a good sense of humor. 


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Pedro's creativity, sheer discipline, coupled with a dedicated and focused approach to his work, is unsurpassed by any other team member.


Andreas Lindberg, Executive Chef

 Fenice Restaurant

Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant Ltd

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Head Chef / Host                                                                                            October 2013 – May 2014

Kaimata Retreat, New Zealand.​                                                                October 2012 – May 2013 

Kaimata Retreat is one of the Top 10 luxury places in New Zealand
as it is eco-friendly and organic. Used are only local products from the region and the Otago Peninsula as well as natural supplies from the farmhouse, freshly caught blue cod or clams. The clams are collected from the coast. Working as a Head/Private Chef and Personal Host, I was in charge of creating, preparing and serving four course private dinner and breakfast for a maximum of six people. My work included research about local foraging. As a Host, I made direct contact with the customers which was an always charming and friendly experience. The guests also have the chance to participate in cooking classes or foraging excursions for clams on the coast or if not so, simply sharing a nice talk. I have experience in creating, serving and explaining my own menu that manages to delight even the most sensitive palates of New Zealand. 

Finalist  At theMonteith's Wild Food Challenge 2013, New Zealand


Sub Chef                                                                                              September 2014 – February 2015 

Roberto, Chile                                                                   

Managing, running and cooking for catering & functions of concerts, weddings, films, festivals and outdoor activities. I learn how to keep high standars of kitchen in the most extreme conditions, and to developed my communications skills having direct contact with clients from diferent areas.




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Chef                                                                                                                    October 2011 – April 2012

Te Whau Vineyards, New Zealand


Working at the multi award-winning restaurant "Te Whau Vineyard" with Head Chef Marcos Edwards contributed greatly to my work experience. This enabled me to shift towards working in the "fine cuisine" industry, where only high quality ingredients are used. My task was to cook on the grill by using local and regional produce from New Zealand. This included salmon, fish, scallops, venison, tuna, beef, duck and pork. I enjoyed creating high standard gourmet dishes while working at the fast pace required in this busy restaurant.



Sub Chef                                                                                                               May  – September 2013 

Sal Salis Wild Bush Luxury, Australia


Just a few meters from the "Ningaloo Reef", cooking in this luxury camp called "Sal Salis" was an unforgettable experience.
Maximizing water and energy resources, recycling and reducing waste volumes while maintaining service level on the "luxury lodges Australia" was a real challenge. As Sub Chef I developed and created a contemporary daily set of a three course meal menu which was focused on seasonal, local produce, with hints of bush food and of course fresh fish. Seatings would range from six to eighteen per day.



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Head Chef                                                                                                December 2010 – October 2011

Viola / Fenice Restaurant, New Zealand  


At Fenice Restaurant, I was in charge of operations including ordering, contacting suppliers, stocktaking, employee rosters, costing, menu design and overseeing the organisation of the kitchen and staff. As Head Chef, additional duties included lowering the kitchen costs, implementing plans for clean up and making sure they meet hygiene standards. Working in this Italian restaurant I learned to cook and create a variety of Italian dishes, including homemade pasta, pizza, bread, and risotto. In addition to cooking, this role required me to keep a close eye on food and staff costs. Working everyday with different kinds of dough, different types of yeast, baking in a stone oven, and making different types of bread, helped to develop my understanding of the true taste of Italian food.

Head Chef / Manager                                                                           August 2009 – September 2010

Lodge Andino, El Ingenio, Chile


As Head Chef, I was in charge of the implementation of outdoor dining, the overall planning regarding food and quality control as well as supply and kitchen staff. One of the responsibilities in this job was to create different dishes of "haute cuisine" and a varied menu of local products mixed with classic French techniques. My daily challenge was to delight guests with sophisticated dishes of my own creation.



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Chef Instructor                                                                                                       March  – August 2009

ICEL Institute, Chile


I took responsibility for teaching students in different cooking techniques in the first half of 2009. Planning lessons and creating tests were also one of my duties. I also hold practical classes. In order to provide optimal training, I engaged with the students to ensure that they perfected their cooking skills and proper food handling.



Sub Chef                                                                                                          January 2008 – March 2009

Pro Catering / Roberto Galvez, Chile 


Pro Catering/Roberto Galvez I managed and running catering for different events like concerts, weddings, festivals and outdoor activities. I started in this business as a Manager/Head Chef in a small gourmet restaurant where I learned about fashion plating, "nouvelle cuisine" techniques and also about the concept of “good taste and nice presentation". My experience here culminated in working as a Producer/Head Chef on the KISS ALIVE Tour 2009 in Chile.





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Commis Chef                                                                                                              April – October 2007


La Cuisine D'Alain, France


At "La Cuisine D'Alain", I was in charge of the preparation of food such as sauces, side dishes, meats, starches, vegetables, entrees assembly, main courses and deserts by following the instructions of the Chef. Supervising the second and third cooks was one of my other tasks. I was also responsible for the hotline section, where I quickly learned about classic French techniques, traditional dishes and Mediterranean recipes in a classic food restaurant. This was an important work experience for me.

Commis Chef                                                                                                   May – July 2005 


Hotel del Lago Pucon, Chile


I started out working as a trainee by preparing soup bases, side dishes and some simple recipes. Over the months, I managed to join the staff in the hotel kitchen. It was here that I learned about the speed and methodology of professional kitchens.





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Studies of                                                                                                 March 2003 - November 2006

Manager in gastronomic production,

Mention International food 

INACAP University, Chile


After four years of formal estudies I fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional chef I graduated from the University of Inacap, Santiago de Chile, in 2007.




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Spanish (Native)
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German (Basic)
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Kindred Interest

Cooking classes, Hosting, tourist guide, Self Sustainability, organic culture, Free range, Game meats,  Fair trade, Local Produce, Regional Food, foraging and harvester wild foods.
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